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Command & Conquer: The Forgotten


  • Command & Conquer: The Forgotten

    C&C 3: The Forgotten: A Mod for C&C 3

    For more than the past three years, we've imagined, designed, and built this mod, for no compensation save the joy of creation. It truly has been a global project, with contributions from over 38 people from all over the globe (and 40 more testers). Now, it's our profound pleasure to share the result with you. It is no exaggeration to say that we have worked for this day for years. With pride at what we have accomplished and humility because of our great fans, we present our launch trailer.

    Our mod tells the story of The Forgotten, a group legendary in Command and Conquer lore from their appearances in Tiberian Sun and its expansion Firestorm. Afflicted with Tiberium-based illnesses, their determination, resourcefulness, and shared anger make them a potent threat to the superpowers that have shunned them for so long. Yet after C&C Firestorm, their fate remained uncertain, as their story was never continued in Command and Conquer 3. We have sought over the last three years to rekindle their tale, enlivening it with high definition full motion videos (produced in conjunction with the talented team at Broken Wall Films), a unique set of units and structures, and an immersive campaign replete with a variety of beautiful environments and challenging missions. To further enhance replay value, we have created five additional battlefields for skirmish and online play.

    If you are looking for a return to classic RTS gameplay, if you want to dive into a C&C story, or if you think you're ready to face some of the most challenging missions out there, this is the mod you've been waiting for.

    The leader of The Forgotten, Salvadore Trogan, is fond of saying, "The future is to be invented." And so it is. We invite you to step into Trogan's world, to become his right-hand man, and to lead a rebellion like none other. It will not be easy. Indeed, whether The Forgotten can win against three powerful superpowers--whatever winning means--is an open question. One thing is certain, however: they have no intention of being neglected, ignored, and shunned any more. Indeed, they no longer want to be The Forgotten.

    It is time to invent the future. Download now.
    The Forgotten Features:
    • An entirely new faction, complete with 20 new units, 20 new structures, and 8 new upgrades
    • Devastating new support powers and superweapons, such as the Ion Tempest, Tiberium Vein Monster, and map-spanning tunnels
    • A full narrative-driven campaign, with challenging missions and high definition full motion videos
    • The return of Tiberium life, with Tiberium Fiends, Visceroids, classic pod Tiberium, and the Tiberium Vein Monster
    • The return of classic C&C units such as the Tick Tank, Disc Thrower, and Hunter-Seeker Drone
    • Five additional skirmish and multiplayer battlefields
    • A revamped audio focus, with a brand new soundtrack and new voices for Forgotten units
    • A classic, C&C-style installer complete with a video introduction to the mod
    • A complete backstory told through "story artifacts" included with the mod
    • A full 32-page color manual to acclimate you to the world of The Forgotten and adjustable difficulty levels for novice and veteran players alike
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