I know I've missed a couple days, but here's the definitive version of a kick ass survival horror game, Resident Evil 4 on the Wii. What makes this version the best? How about aiming with the fucking Wii remote like you would a real gun and then shooting psycho bitches in the head blam blam hahahah one day I will do that for real and all will suffer. Uhh just ignore the last part.

So the story is the president's daughter is missing, and Leon Kennedy is the only dude bad enough to rescue her. He goes to Shitfuck, Europe and ends up getting attacked by some crazy villagers, cultists, and regenerators which are such a pain to kill the first time I mean goddamn give me the thermal scope before I have to kill one I wasted half my magnums on that fucker. Anyway the story is pretty good, though it's pretty straightforward.

The game plays very smoothly, though the controls take some getting used to. The camera is a tight over the shoulder view, which is rare but really gets you into the game. It's all about ambiance, which this game has in spades. It's dark, creepy environments keep you anxious all the time and the music makes my anus clench and unclench in anticipation of a cult gang rape.

The boss fights are great, though there are only about 5. The game takes about 15-20 hours to complete, which is fairly long for this type of game. I highly recommend playing this game, it's only about $20 now so even Lary and Bob can afford it.

Overal: 9.5/10 AHHH CULTISTS