I was busy yesterday (got a PS3 + masturbation marathon), so today I'll do two SNES RPGs.

First up:

Breath of Fire is your typical old school RPG - go around, kill some monsters, save the world from an evil empire. Cliched now, but for 1993 it wasn't too bad. Considering back then a game could base a story around saving the Statue of Liberty from the future, this is a work of art.

If you like killing giant toads with a dragon and a guy named Karn, this is your game. If you don't, I hate you and so does Jesus. The graphics are above average, and the music is mostly good. The gameplay is your standard RPG fare, though it does have some issues. First, you fight the same enemies for the first half of the game. Killing slimes for 2 exp at level 20 is a waste of time. Also in some places the enemy encounter rate is ridiculously high, but there is an item that lets you avoid battles for a while.

Shut up or burn too bitch. If you like old school RPGs I recommend this one. Overall I'd give it a 7.8: More fun than a scrotum tickler.

Review #2 coming later