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Final Fight

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  • LaryW
    Re: Final Fight

    Final Fight was the shit. Gotta love the burly roar of Haggar when he did his little spinning bitch slap move.

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  • Evilbob
    started a topic SNES Final Fight

    Final Fight

    Final Fight was a hugely popular arcade beat 'em up. Pick one of three characters, go through Metro City and beat the shit out of everyone you see to rescue the mayor's kidnapped daughter, it's a classic. Then it was ported to the SNES. Was this a good idea? Well read and find out, cockmongler.

    First off, see Guy? Yeah don't expect to play as him on the Super Nintendo. They took him out (and level 5, and 2 player mode) due to space constraints. Cody and Haggar are ok, but Guy kicks ass. Haggar is the mayor of Metro City, which makes him the first mayor in history to do something himself instead of holding meetings and debates about it. Fuck you Anne Marie DeCicco, why don't you beat up the homeless people yourself instead of asking for public opinion? Because you're lazy, that's why.

    This isn't a great screenshot, but the graphics are really good for the time. Large characters and detailed backgrounds made the game stand out from similar games at the time. The music is a mixed bag, some levels have crappy music but other songs are great. I especially like the song during the first part of level 4. I hum it while peeing at a public urinal, often other people join in.

    There's a whole lot of homoeroticism in Final Fight, but it's a good game nonetheless. Though castrated compared to the arcade version, the game is mostly intact and what's there is fun. The game is pretty hard, but that adds to the replay value. There are no control issues, the hit detection is well done, and you can beat up fat people. Fat people deserve to be hit. I recommend you punch a fat chick every day.

    Overall 7.6/10: Haggar's mustache approves
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