Here's the bastard child of the Final Fantasy series, Mystic Quest. Square made this dumbed down RPG to appeal to the US consumers, who we all know are idiots. I mean let's face it, you elected George W Bush twice. Reading the box makes you feel like a retard, "entry level gaming" and free strategy guides make you feel like you're playing the Hooked On Phonics version of Final Fantasy.

For a game that was supposed to be easy they certainly made the first battle difficult. It takes me like 5 attempts to kill him, then I never die again in the game. That makes sense. The battles are straightforward RPG fare, but in this game you can only have one other person in your party at a time. Because, you know, Americans can't count to 3.

I don't know about their language choice either. I mean this game seems to be geared towards kids, dropping the F-bomb seems kind of counter productive. The game has some half assed action elements, like Zelda only much worse. The story is the typical pre-FF6 "get the crystals for some reason", not horrible but it's been done before and much better too.

The graphics are pretty good for an NES game. I mean they aren't the greatest, but they aren't horrible either. Wait, this is a Super Nintendo game. Fuck them then. The music is decent, the only song I really like is the one that reminds me of that No Doubt song. Man Gwen Stefani is hot. Like bonerly hot.


Overall score: 10/10, those legs are fucking amazing.