Yeah we're breaking into 8 bit territory now. River City Ransom is another beat 'em up, only this one has RPG elements added to it. When you kill someone you earn money, which you can use to buy items to upgrade your stats and learn new moves. Do these upgraded stats do anything? I don't think so. Do you need the new moves? I doubt it. But still, it's a nice feature.

So what's the point of this game? Well you have to rescue your *sigh* girlfriend from *sigh* a gang of thugs. There are different "gangs" in each area, and they say stuff when they die. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing "BARF!" after punching some guy in the face for 3 minutes.

Very nice detail on the ass crack. There's only one person who has an ass better than that:

But anyway, the game is pretty fun, but it does get kind of repetitive. The sound effects are old school awesomeness, and the graphics are above average.
Overall I'd give it a 7.8: BARF!