The box tries to warn you away from this game before you even play it. Two of the least intimidating "punks" ever grace the cover of this assburger. It's a game like Final Fight, only 100 times crappier. Note: The guy on the left turned into the chocolate rain guy and the one on the right was on Saved by the Bell.

Where do I begin with this game? The locations you fight in are generic as all hell - a forest, mountains, city streets, a skyscraper, all been done before. The graphics are horrible too. They don't look bad in these pictures because they're small, but if you play on a TV they look horrible. You can literally count the pixels if you're so inclined.

The enemies are generic too. There are 6 different enemy types in the game. You've seen them all about 3 minutes into the game. The music is pretty bad too. Level 4's song is good, but other than that the music is bad. Not quite Avenged Sevenfold bad but pretty damn bad.

This is the ending of the game. Seriously, just this. It doesn't make any fucking sense. There's no story to begin with, what purpose does this serve? This poindexter fuck doesn't even appear in the game. I DON'T FUCKING GET IT. Luckily, with the shitty control and messed up damage system, you probably won't beat it. But you shouldn't even be playing this game, it sucks.

Overall: 3/10 - Like ringing an anus doorbell