This game kicks immense amounts of ass. It was overshadowed by the Final Fantasy games, but in my opinion Xenogears is the best RPG on the Playstation. The storyline is deep and constantly interesting, the battle system is fun and creative, and it doesn't have a bunch of emo characters.

Not only do you get to fight as your characters, you also get to fight as giant japanese seizure robots. This gives you two different ways to play, which makes the 60+ hour game less repetitive. Yeah, it's friggin long. Also the team that designed the game ran out of money while developing the second disk, so basically the story is read to you instead of you actually playing it. Personally I don't mind this too much, the game is long as it is.

The game has great characters and a sense of humour as well. The graphics are alright, not great but it's the PS1 so you can't expect too much. The music and sound are awesome, and the control is flawless. You know I can't think of an RPG with bad control, I'm going to stop talking about it. If you can find this game, play it. Sure it looks like a bunch of japanese crap at first glance, but it's an awesome game.