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Patch Updates - 1.5.1

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  • Patch Updates - 1.5.1

    updates to the patch were posted on the korean website, these are translations by players on aionsource, may or may not be correct.

    Translator: Yer B0ss, TTB

    On November 11, four big changes was made to Aion: the Tower of Eternity.

    To summerize, the first change was in regards to the Fortress Sieges. Defending forts are possible, but to make it less hard and competitive, some changes have been made to the defense system. Also medal distribution has been changed.

    Second, a new UI option was added. This change will lessen the crashes during the sieges and areas with many players.

    The third is among the most waited changes ever, which is flying SM pets. Until now you couldn't have your pets flying, but now you will be able to fight aerial battles with your pet.

    Lastly, three new costumes were added. They are: traditional American, traditional Russian, and traditional European attires.

    [Fortress Siege] Changes to the system and reward

    1. Fortress Guardians disappear after 30 minutes.
    - If your race destroys the guardian within the 30 min timer, then your faction gets the fort.
    - If your race successfully defends the guardian within the 30 min timer, then you succeed in defending the fort.
    - Divine Fortress Guardian spawn lasts 2 hours as usual.

    2. Players rewarded to defending any fort.
    - Upon defending a fort, not only is the legion that has the fort rewarded, but also the players that helped out.
    - Depending on your contribution during defense, you will earn the rewards.

    3. Contribution Changes
    - Lowered the contribution you get from killing opposing PCs during sieges.
    - Contributions from doing other things remain the same.

    4. Changes to Medal reward system
    Below image explains all. Make sure you follow the circled words to avoid the Korean Moon Symbols.

    To Summerize
    1. Because sieges only last 30 minutes now, it is much easier to defend a fort than having to defend for an entire 2 hours.
    2. Since everyone who successfully defended a fort can earn medals, we can expect a much higher fort defense than before.
    3. Legions defending the fort will earn the legion-based medal rewards as well as the personal medal rewards.
    4. Medal rewards are more widely given out to lesser contributed players, hence not having all the high contribution players earning all the rewards.
    5. Prevented the abnormal earnings of rewards by battles with other PCs.

    Overall, more Gold Contribution Badges will be handed out.

    [User Interface]Multiple Character Display Option
    1. To enable players to play with less trouble in areas with many players, we've added in this option.
    - Depending on its settings, graphics on the players will be different.

    - Auto option will control the setting depending on your computer's Memory usage.
    - theres High, middle, and low options, and depending on the distance to the other character, it will look like the below 3 explanations.
    1. Close
    The character looks like before, with no changes. The closest characters will look and use animations like normal, and using the High option will display most characters normally.
    2. Far
    Only normal actions (Movement, Flight, death) can be seen. A selected number of Characters that are farther than IMAGE 1 will display like IMAGE 2, and you can only see them move, fly, and die. Using the High option will display the most amount of characters simplified like IMAGE 2.
    IMAGE 1, Normal Display

    IMAGE 2, Distance Display

    3. VERY FAR
    Only the name will display if they are farther than IMAGE 2's distance.

    Spiritmaster's Flying Pets (PRO TIP - This does not break balance and at endgame, gives them a chance to retaliate without getting 1-chained daily like before)

    1. 1. To Fly
    When the SM starts to fly, so do Pets.

    2. Flight Time
    If either the SM or Pet is in air, the flight timer is consumed.
    If the Pet receives buffs that enhance flight, so does the SM

    3. Flight Speed
    During Flight, the pet's SPD becomes faster

    4. Landing
    Once the SM lands, the pet will land once close to landing

    5. Gliding/Falling
    It used to be that during gliding/falling in the past versions, pets disappeared. But now they follow you.
    During Gliding, you can only issue "Move" command to your pet

    6. Flight Battles
    Your pet will attack opponents in air once it is in air.
    Like before, pets may only be summoned on land.

    7. Misc
    Pets do not receive fall damage

    And since they can fly, it will bring a big change to Abyss fights.
    Changes with Killing Mobs
    Previously, you had to fly and respawn your summon to hunt effectively in the Abyss. But now you can expect a much easier time.
    Changes to PvP
    They can now use Spirit Substitution I - Skills - Aion and many spirit skills in air, so it will be completely different when fighting Spiritmasters in air.
    Required Skills
    But to use your pets effectively in air, you have to think about your stigma usage. To make good use of your pet in air, you can say the advanced stigma Armor Spirit I - Skills - Aion is a must.
    This is because you need to make your pet have speed 16 in air. Note that the highest possible flight speed from gear and consumables is 16, therefore this is an excellent skill to have.

    [ITEM] New Outfits
    On this update, 3 new costume styles have been added. You can get this from the NPC that sells Kimono, Chipao, Korean Constume, and others.



    I suppose they call this European...

    [Misc] ETC
    -[Skill] Spiritmaster's Skill Functions changed
    Wing Root I - Skills - Aion Recharge changed to 2 min, and decreased the instant flight time removal to 10%.
    Spirit Disturbance I - Skills - Aion Removed the Crashing effect and increased the damage.

    -[Item] Stacking
    Increased some stackable item's max limit from 1000 to 10000,

    -[Instance] Steel Rake
    Lower area's treasure chest locations in the prison area have been changed.

    -[UI] New Mail refusal option
    Added an option so that you can block mails from players below level 10.
    - If a player below level 10 tries to send a mail to someone with this option enabled, the game will tell you.
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    Re: Patch Updates - 1.5.1

    Korean version of the game can be completely different from the American client. The two cultures of gamers desire completely differnt things.


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      Re: Patch Updates - 1.5.1

      The third is among the most waited changes ever, which is flying SM pets. Until now you couldn't have your pets flying, but now you will be able to fight aerial battles with your pet.

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