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Expansion/Big update inc?

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  • Expansion/Big update inc?

    "aion_tamat: On November 24th, we will be showing a movie that demonstrates the future of Aion with actual gameplay."

    I doubt this would be said without it being either 1. an expansion announcement, or 2. a pretty big content update. For those who doubt its an expansion because the game has only been released for a few months, the korean version has been out for a year now, which is typically around the date MMO's announce an expansion. However, unlike Blizzard, NCSoft tends to give way bigger content updates for free or really cheap in comparison (forgot who told me this, correct me if im wrong). Hope its something big though =o
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    Re: Expansion/Big update inc?

    Yeah, all Lineage (nc soft game) updates were free and like Vince said the updates were fairly big and usually came around the one year mark.
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      Re: Expansion/Big update inc?

      City of Heroes/Villains continues to get very large free updates.

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