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If you are an XoXo member, go to this link (below) and request to join the XoXo Members user group. This will give you access to our SUPER-SECRET SECTION.

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I fully updated the site and I'm looking to revive this community. I've been paying for it for years and I did just drop a decent amount to bring it up to date. Click here to show your support:

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Upper Abyss Raid

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  • Upper Abyss Raid

    Hi all, this is just to get a feel of how many guilds or people would be interested in a group effort as a faction to take back Asteria and Roah. XoXo is looking at next weekend or maybe as early as Wed to do so. If you're interested please post here and your in game name, and captains will contact you in game, and see how to get this coordinated better. We will be willing to open up our vent to the leaders and captains of guild. Anyways this post is to get a feel of who is interested.

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    Re: Upper Abyss Raid

    [ame=""]YouTube- Lords of Acid - Out comes the Evil[/ame]


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      Re: Upper Abyss Raid

      Hey, I know this is late, but I just signed up here. Onyx is in whenever.


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        Re: Upper Abyss Raid

        Grigori would only be able to field one group of 6 who are 45+.... More leveling up in the coming weeks.