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Asmodian numbers for Asteria (3-26-2010)

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  • Asmodian numbers for Asteria (3-26-2010)

    Desmodia wanted to look at the numbers we had for Asteria so here they are:

    Elyos: 216
    Asmodians: 270

    Though keep in mind these numbers may not be 100% accurate, but they should be pretty close.


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    Re: Asmodian numbers for Asteria (3-26-2010)

    How did you get these numbers?

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      Re: Asmodian numbers for Asteria (3-26-2010)

      I ran the Advanced Combat Tracker with a plugin for Aion. Then just wrote some lame ass shit that separates players by level, faction, class, and legion.


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        Re: Asmodian numbers for Asteria (3-26-2010)

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