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Need access? Read this.

If you are an XoXo member, go to this link (below) and request to join the XoXo Members user group. This will give you access to our SUPER-SECRET SECTION.

Include your character name as the reason.
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Help Keep Tenstones Alive

I fully updated the site and I'm looking to revive this community. I've been paying for it for years and I did just drop a decent amount to bring it up to date. Click here to show your support:

Anyone donates to support this revival, I can offer an Google account as thanks.
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Read BEFORE Applying

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  • Read BEFORE Applying


    XoXo is a hardcore guild looking for the most skilled and dedicated players on the server. However, because of member limitations (90 maximum), we have to keep increasing our requirements as the server progresses. Please read the requirements below and make sure you satisfy them before applying. If you do not - please feel free to apply when you do.

    CURRENT RECRUITMENT STATUS: (all require level 50, except Clerics)
    Assassins: Open
    Spiritmasters: Open
    Clerics: Open
    Templars: Open
    Sorcerers: Open
    Gladiators: Open
    Chanters: Open
    Rangers: Open

    Accepted: Send Rikimaru a PM in game to get an invite.
    Denied: Sorry we don't feel that you would be a good fit in our legion.
    Pending: Your application looks promising, but is missing something (most likely not up to level and you're welcome to update us when you are.)

    Ventrilo is required. We generally prefer not to type.

    Attending Fort Raids is required if they are up and vulnerable. ALL members must stop what they are doing and attend fort raids.

    With this said, an invite into the guild doesn't guarantee your spot permanently. You are invited and put on a trial basis to see if you fit well with the guild. If we feel you are not a good fit for the guild, we will simply boot you. Also, if you have a tendency to whine or are easily offended, this is NOT the guild for you.

    Note: If you are caught botting, cheating, or doing anything else against our guild rules, we will simply boot you and add you to our public list of kicked botters, located at the following link:
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