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gravess-chanter 40

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  • Pending gravess-chanter 40

    Age: 29
    Time Zone: AST
    Character Name: gravess
    Class: chanter
    Level: 40

    Do you have a mic? yes Do you actively use vent? all the time
    Professions:none right now
    Link to character profile:Aion? Online :: Character & Legion
    MMORPG History(Game:Years):3
    Raid Experience PVP or PVE:risk your life,wow
    Playtime Per Day: too much
    Aion Guild History:
    Vermillion Nex Superne

    1) Your following the group during a raid. A high ranking Elyos flies by. How do you react
    let the leader know on vent
    2) An order was given and you do not agree with it. How do you react.
    live with it and fellow orders
    4) Some one gives criticism/advice and it offends you, how do you react.
    take the advice and learn from it
    5) It is raid time, the rally point has been set, and forces are being called to assemble. Where should you go and how soon should you get there?
    go to the rally point and meet up with the raid
    6) Its raid time and orders are being given and you think of something really funny. What do you do.
    keep it too myself

    7) Your online, raid time is about to start and you do not want to attend. What would you do?
    show up for raid and i would have all day to do anything else i want too
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