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wow what a difference...

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  • wow what a difference...

    well after beating crysis the other day, and btw, i thought the ending was appropriate and was not disappointed at all. since it is going to be a trilogy im guessin crysis 2 will also end ummm like that? n e way. today i thought i would install far cry and play it again from way back in the day. keep in mind, the first time i played farcry was on my P4 3.0ghz HT, 160gb HD, 9800Pro and 1GB of pc3200 ram. with a 260 W PS. (this machine was a Sony Vaio) Any way. playin farcry on that machine was like playin crysis on this machine lol looked good, had its choppy areas, well far cry didnt play AS well as crysis does but close. but anyway. i played farcry today cranked up the AA and the AF, the resolution to 1400x900, all very high settings, just maxxed it, not a burp at all, big improvment over the 9800 pro LOL, but i was amazed how far games have come in the past few years. the textures in farcry.....SUCK, the water.....SUCKS, the enemies.....dumb and easy to kill, shadows arent that great....all comparing this to crysis. not saying farcry is a bad game, i love it personally, just when u go from playing a game like crysis to farcy its...just HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE difference. just thought id share with ya, i cant imagine what games will look like 3 years from now...imagine, games that put crysis to crysis does to farcry that b all

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