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I fully updated the site and I'm looking to revive this community. I've been paying for it for years and I did just drop a decent amount to bring it up to date. Click here to show your support:

Anyone donates to support this revival, I can offer an Google account as thanks.
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  • Private Server

    Anyone play on private servers? That is where I have been playing for the past 8 months or so and I am actually on one that doesn't stink balls. It's called Molten-WoW and it has 3x servers and it is very blizz-like and extremely populated.

    I play on the server Frostwolf. You all should come play if you do not want to pay for the subscription. They also have not implemented Cata yet so it's all WotLK for now.

    Dilr0y out!
    But srsly come play wif me k thx bai.