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How to speak to Alliance with a Horde char

This is a sticky topic.
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  • How to speak to Alliance with a Horde char

    Well me and my friend were bored awhile back and stayed up all night figuring out how to say things to the Alliance. I made a Orc and he made a Night Elf on a RP server so we could meet up in peace and work it out, so I went through the alphabet and various 1, 2 letter, 3 letter and 4 letter words. Anything past 4 letters (even 3 for that matter) is pretty much nonsense and nothing the Alliance would understand.

    All letters and phrases are in [Orcish]. Havent tried figuring out [Gutterspeak] or Tauren speak yet.

    [Orcish] = [Common]
    A = G
    B = G
    C = O
    D = L
    E = O
    F = A
    G = O
    H = O
    I = L
    J = N
    K = L
    L = N
    M = A
    N = O
    O = L
    P = N
    Q = G
    R = N
    S = N
    T = L
    U = L
    V = L
    W = A
    X = N
    Y = O
    Z = G

    As you can see, there is only 5 letters recognizable to the Alliance in Orcish: G O L A N

    These letters must be seperated with a space to be understood correctly, in example:

    [Orcish]: I H I

    Which translates into [Common]: L O L

    Now onto the 2 letter combos:

    [Orcish] = [Common]

    LO = IL
    AB = HA
    AC = AG
    AG = GI
    BA = KA
    BB = KO
    CD = NO
    DB = MU

    Im pretty sure thats every 2 letter combo. No matter what 2 letter combos the Horde types out, it will translate into one of those 8, they repeat themselves.

    So with what we've learned so far, adding 1 and 2 letter combos, you can say a couple neat things such as:

    [Orcish]: AB AB

    Which translates into [Common]: HA HA


    [Orcish]: BB C I

    Which translates into [Common]: KO O L

    [Orcish]: CD CD

    Which translates into [Common]: NO NO

    Now onto the 3 letter combos, while MOST of these really cant be used to say anything worthwhile, Ill still show what they translate to.

    [Orcish] = [Common]

    AAA = MOG
    ABB = KIL
    ABC = KAZ
    ACB = GUL
    ACD = RUK
    BBB = TAR
    BAA = KEK
    BAC = NUK
    BAH = LOK

    There is probably more, but it really crazy at this point and most of these really didnt seem useable for communication.

    So for example using 1, 2 and 3 letter combos, heres some that I use that are neat:

    [Orcish]: CD ABB O

    Which translates into [Common]: NO KIL L


    [Orcish]: LO I ABB O

    Which translates into [Common]: IL L KIL L

    Now, onto the last and final 4 letter combos. Too crazy at this point and not usefull in intelligable conversation with Alliance.

    [Orcish] = [Common]
    $%$K (4 K's - filter wont let me put 3 in a row) = GROM

    Now there is probably more, but like I said, its pretty unusable at this point for convo.

    Soooo....using 1, 2, 3 and 4 letter combos, heres a few that I found neat:

    [Orcish]: I lo Z Cccc

    Which translats into [Common]: L il G Dogg


    [Orcish]: M k k M k h j a $%$k(4 k's again) Q n o Lo i Abb o

    Which translates into [Common]: A l l A l o n g Grom G o l Il l Kil l

    And that pretty much concludes how to speak to Alliance. Mix and match for alot more things to say and make sure the correct spaces are put in for the different letter combos, or you'll get a /confused or /shrug from Alliance. Ive made some new friends in Ironforge with my Orc Rogue by speaking to them and usually draw a decent sized crowd....some gank me but then some Mind Control me and give me awesome Paladin buffs!

    Have fun!