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  • Kenshino

    Hiya all,

    Not sure if you guys remember me.

    I'm Kenshino from HB.

    I think I played that char from Aresden and then went on to play another char from Elvine or whatever.

    And then we went on to play Lineage 2 or some crap.

    Saw Bob still spotting a email and wondered if this place is still up.

    Great to see you lot.

    Kenshino Level 100 Fire Master

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    Re: Kenshino

    I remember you! I was ~Maggot~ and I'm pretty sure we never did shit together, but I remember that name. Didn't you have a medusa at one point?

    How insignificant you are.


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      Re: Kenshino

      I forgot what I had. Was that the green glowy sword that paralysed people? But I know at one point of time I played one of the characters' that was friends with wo-long . Maybe the character was named Evil something. Lord know.

      I was in the guild Chicx with Dicx for awhile too.

      I also remember there was this guy who had access to the GM char and started duplicating shit for everyone.

      I do know we used to use some ridiculous speak that went 19 or 2-13 and stuff like that haha.

      I just went back to look at Wow... Avour and Hawk are still running that place. Did they buy HelbreathUSA or something?
      Kenshino Level 100 Fire Master


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        Re: Kenshino

        Wow you can cash shop zems now and Hbportal is a wiki site? lol

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