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The part of my brain holding memories of you motherfuckers has long been deleted.

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  • The part of my brain holding memories of you motherfuckers has long been deleted.

    Someone wanna fill me in? Was talkin to Powell on steam and he reminded me about this shit. I just remember Kuntz has a small weiner.

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    bob doesn't refresh dots


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      I found Iodine/Rob (MBiO, Black) on Discord awhile back and talked to him a bit. There is a Discord server running a private server some of hang out in (we don't play on the server though, just hang out).

      My best memory from HB was when myself & n30- figured out the 0-gold exploit that would freeze the servers, so we'd make new chars and keep freezing Elvine farm to dupe gold and items haha

      I botted fishing, mining, and manufacturing a lot too. Manufacturing was hard as fuck, so annoying.

      Bob still hangs around on Discord from time to time.

      I haven't played an online game or MMORPG since Guild Wars 2005-2008ish. All of these new games are just rehashes of the old games and not as fun. I do play some online card games and simple stuff like that though from time to time. Worms Armageddon with friends, Among Us, stuff like that.

      I have been keeping my eye on this game for awhile though:

      It's made by the Blizzard/Anet people who made a bunch of great games in the 90's and early 2000's.


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        I've been playing League of Legends mainly after dropping WoW, dabbled a bit in other MMOs but they all sucked weiner. I have a pre-order for New World but not sure if I'm gonna take it seriously or not.

        0-gold is definitely one of my best memories from hb, was talking to tom about it last night. He would mention a random name/memory and it was like my brain reconstructing and remembering bits and pieces. I couldn't forget 0-gold though just from the power and chaos that it brought, shit talking GMs and threating to take the server down then doing it lol.

        I'm on steam most days, and discord Parabola#3856. IDK why I stopped coming to this forum but I had totally forgotten about it til tom mentioned it. I haven't talked to anyone else from those days, haven't talked to Vince in like 10 years since he responded to an email I sent him, figured if he didn't reach out he didn't give a shit so whatever.


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          New World looks fun but it doesn't support Win7 so I can't play lol.


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            its also amazon. stop giving jeff bozos money